Echoes, Pictures, Riddles and Tales
for Piano Solo

ed. Helen Marlais



Milonga In G Minor, from Echoes, Pictures, Riddles, and Tales, ed. Helen Marlais.
Performed by Chelsea Ahn, age 7. Copyright 2005 by FJH, Inc. Used by permission. Available in ITunes:

Dr. Alan Huckleberry, piano. The University of Iowa Video Recording Project. IMTA Level B3

Notes by the composer: As a young teacher, I would compose a specific piece to engage the particular personality or technical difficulties of one of his students. Surprised and amused, the student would make critiques, and the teacher would make improvements. This collection of miniature piano pieces is a living testament to the spontaneity and enthusiasm shared by both students and teacher during those many studio lessons.

Copyright © 2005 by FJH. All rights reserved.  


"This [is a] creative collection of pieces by Martin Kutnowski...[which] were originally composed for Kutnowski's students during his early years as a teacher. He exposes students to contemporary compositional techniques that encourage technical control, expression, and creativity... Kutnowski presents descriptive titles with detailed and clear musical indications to assist the students with recreating each individual piece... The colors, articulation, phrasing, and pedaling indications given in these elementary-level pieces will provide a fun playing experience for the student and a great teaching opportunity for the teacher...Kutnowski's creative and pedagogically sound writing will work well in the private studio, as well as in the group piano classes..."

Reviewed by Debra Perez for
American Music Teacher Magazine, February/March 2006


“This kaleidoscopically colored and textured selection of very fine short pieces helps fill that awkward stage between neophyte and sophisticated student on the road to trickier fare... each piece from first to last is a mine full of compositions which not only have great effect when played simply according to the notes and markings, but lend themselves to as much scope and refinement of sensibility and control of which there is such wide variation among new acolytes to the keys. I would be comfortable presenting these works to students of appropriate ability be they of any age. Each piece is a complete statement that ingeniously centers on certain elements of piano mechanics (hand-crossings, clusters, left-hand patterns, legato, staccato, and so forth) without ever losing sight of other accompanying touches. I note that Kutnowski does not prescribe this set to students of any particular age; this is a fortunate and positive omission…As small works of pedagogic intent, Kutnowski's sense of pianistic/musical concepts and ability is notable for what he leaves out of any given piece no less than for what he includes. More over, in his masterful handling of priorities, his production is seamless; this is why each piece feels so right, so complete, so satisfying as a little poem or an elegant short story. He covers a wide territory of pianistic/musical techniques in a deceptively short anthology…”

Darrell Rosenbluth
Staff Critic, New York Concert Review; Member of the Board of Directors, Leschetizky Association


"This book sparks imagination in younger players that may encourage them to compose music on their own. " 

(Music Mart)


“Echoes, Pictures, Riddles and Tales is a terrific and practical collection of pieces for Piano solo, by Martin Kutnowski. Heavily influenced by folk and the traditional music of his native Argentina and other Southern American countries, this is a colorful, varied and absorbing collection, intended for Elementary through Intermediate Pianists. The contents of this fine collection includes: Arrorro Mi Nino (Sleep, Sleep, My Child), Trumpets, Echo, Marching Ants, Mist, Stubborn and Cranky, El Gallo Pinto (The Colorful Rooster), The Sleepy Groundhog, Galloping on the Ranch, Hopscotch, Sobre el Puente de Avignon (On the Bridge of Avignon), The Haunted Mansion, Milonga in G minor and many more.”



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