Postcards, for chamber orchestra
Aspen Music Festival, July 1999

Reviewed in Aspen Times Weekly, Aspen, Colorado, USA
July 31, 1999

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("...Two young talents find a perfect collaboration in Aspen...Brilliant collaborations are rare. When they happen, it's a fusion of soul mates. It is fitting that such a collaboration should begin here in Aspen during the 50th Anniversary of the Music Festival. The fusing of great collaborative minds has been a tradition here. Martin Kutnowski and Bruno Cinquegrani have found their way to just such a collaboration...the two met this summer through the Aspen Music Festival and have recently performed Kutnowski's premiere piece, "Postcards", consisting in three movements...the three separate pieces are interconnected in their emotive, evocative musicality. In "Venice Sinking" you can feel the glorious decay of the city. The shimmering light on the water, Venetian boats. Throughout the piece, the thematic materials gradually dissolve and sink...[Cinquegrani's and Kutnowski's] is a rare relationship, and one that perhaps can only exist between artists working towards the same goal...Last Wednesday, when the piece was performed, and the packed audience at Harris Hall rose to its feet to applaud, it was clear that this wasn't going to be the last time these two young talents would work together..."

Hilary Stunda,
Aspen Times Weekly, July 31, 1999


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