Venancio Rius, performer of the Argentinean composer's music

Ultima Hora Eivissa e Formentera, Ibiza, Spain
June 27, 2001

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For Venancio Rius, professor of clarinet at the Conservatory, the collaboration with Martín Kutnowski has been a "fantastic, unforgettable experience", and he believes that it is going to continue in the future. "Since we met, a few years ago, we saw that there was a possibility to create something together, professionally speaking. We also connected very well in the personal sense" he explained to the newspaper. Within the month of having talked about the idea, Rius received by mail the dedicated score of Momentum..."to me, the process of preparing this piece has been the most interesting experience that I have had so far as a performer. Six months after we had started working, the night before the actual premiere, we were still discussing aspects of the piece". A seasoned teacher and performer, Venancio Rius pointed out that the most essencial thing is "to put your heart in what you do. Whenever you have the pure wish to do your best, both as a composer or a performer, it is always possible to reach a superior artistic level", he concluded.

interview by Julio Herranz, Ultima Hora Eivissa e Formentera, June 27, 2001

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