Watercolors for Ten Fingers
ed. Helen Marlais



Watercolors for Ten Fingers is a collection of short piano images for children and adults, suitable for players from intermediate to early advanced levels. Rooted in the tradition of the character piece, each miniature paints a picture, tells a story, or recreates particular pianistic textures from the past. Hints of Schumann and Chopin stand alongside references to Latin American folk music, all embedded in a rich and colorful harmonic atmosphere. The Watercolors, which came to life from my musical memories and thoughts, are now ready to greet the world on their own. I can see them: one, a slimy caterpillar promenading about; another, a poor lizard who can't find his way home; that sailboat languidly breaking the waves of the ocean; those spiders persevering in their webs; two puppets dancing a tango. It delights me that these musical images have become a bridge between you, the reader, and me, the writer. I imagine you playing the keys, listening attentively, turning the printed pages, perhaps smiling at the titles. I hope that you enjoy playing these watercolors as much as I enjoyed composing them.

Martin Kutnowski

Copyright © 2007 by FJH. All rights reserved.  

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